Posted by: apal1528 | 07/07/2007

Pray for dry weather!

Hello all-

The last day or so has been truly exciting. We spent all Wednesday getting ready for John and Woody to leave on Thursday morning and they had so much stuff they ended up having to take two vans! On a whim I decided to go with pastor Moses and one of the Ugandans named Joseph to drop John and Woody off in Rwenjiri (The village in the bush). It turned out to be a very interesting decision.

The worst part is that I made the assumption that since it hadn’t rained for a day in Kampala the roads would be dry and that wearing flip flops and board shorts would be ok. Wrong. The four hour drive out there was a lot of fun. We were all in the vans laughing and talking and having a good time. The roads themselves were dry and dusty but we did get stuck once in a giant mud puddle. We had all the guys with us so it only took a few minutes to get un-stuck.

With only a small delay we arrived first in Kamusenene before heading off to Rwenjiri. Kamusenene is the town that has our first working well, and I got to check it out. When John and Woody came in November their goal was to drill in Rwenjiri, but due to rain they couldn’t get the truck all the way out there and had to settle for drilling in Kamusenene instead.

The well was amazing. It was truly a blessing to see so many children with their jerry cans lined up to get the clean water just within walking distance of their houses. Without the well they would be walking miles to filthy mud holes with contaminated run-off water. I even took a sip, it was delicious.

Once we arrived in Rwenjiri it was great to see some friends that actually remembered me from last year. Work on pastor Wilson’s house took astonishing pace before we arrived. I expected to see a one bedroom brick building- as it would be a great improvement from the one bedroom, tattered, decomposing, mud and straw hut he was living in before. But, to my disbelief there was a large two bedroom house with a kitchen, bathroom, and livingroom. I have to admit that if I ever moved to Uganda I could easily and would be willing to live in the house we’re building for him. This building is a sign of things to come for this poor villiage in the middle of the Ugandan wilderness. Water is very soon to come and hopefully electricity and more residents will come as well.

Kimberly just came in the door of the Cafe and the clouds seem to be rolling in. Eminent torrential rain will ensue. So i’ve got to go. I’ll be back tomorrow to finish the story. Sorry 😦

Please pray that the drill truck can make it out to Rwenjiri tomorrow. People need this well and honestly think they’re cursed because we’re tried three times already. Please pray.


  1. can you bring some croc home. i’de like to try some.

  2. we’ve got nothing but sun here!! we’ll send some your the way… were we supposed to water the Jade plants? Cuz Brenda and Erma think they are dying.

  3. Andrew We’re very happy to hear you’re doing so well. The plants are very close to death. I’ll try to call your parents and remind them to water the plants.You take are and keep us posted on your journey.Love,THE GODPARENTS

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