Posted by: apal1528 | 07/10/2007

Some More Pictures

It’s about 5:00pm here and we just got back from the primary school at Troas. We had a lot of fun. It’s about a two hour ride there from Kampala and we stayed there for about five hours. We spent the day handing out the books raised by Kimberly’s book drive. There were seven classes of about 30 children and we were able to give each class about 10 books. The books will help alot to teach the children English.

Also, we handed out gifts sent to sponsor children from their sponsors. I think three or four of the kids received care packages of clothes, school supplies, and 50 kilo bags of rice from their sponsor. One boy even got a bike! They were all overjoyed- even the ones who didn’t get care packages.

The ones who didn’t even have sponsors were happy too- just to have the new books in their classrooms. It is surprising though to see how many aren’t sponsored. The ones who are sponsored were chosen because they are the poorest or were orphaned. Still, the ratio of sponsored to not is quite large. Only about 25 were sponsored and upwards of 150 weren’t. We’re working to spread the word to get more sponsored.

I’m very excited to leave for the bush on Friday. The city has been wearing on us all. The exhaust, dust, and mosquitoes are quite overwhelming. The mosquitoes are much fewer in the bush, as there is less standing water. I won’t be able to post when I’m out there but I will have access to a phone if anything happens to us.

We haven’t heard much from John, Woody, and Sam in Rwenjiri. Pastor Wilson’s house seems to be nearing completion, over budget but complete still the same. Please keep the Calhouns’ sponsor child, Dativa, in your prayers. Apparently when John went to see her in Rwenjiri her and her entire family have come down with some sort of bug and Dativa has a bad case of worms in her gut. We’ve bought antibiotics and deworming medicine and will be taking them to her on Friday, but still keep them in your prayers.

The problem seen in Dativa and her family illustrates the absolute need for clean water in the villages. Also keep in your prayers the weather and the well drillers – that the roads are dry and the drilling goes smoothly

The other day I went shopping for my parent’s sponsor child. His name is Lubanjwa Bashir. I haven’t met him yet but will have the chance in Rwenjiri next week. I think he too will be overwhelmed. I got him a big bucket and filled it with some necessities like cooking oil, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, some school supplies, and also a bag of rice. The woman who cooks for us says the 50 kilos should last a family for six to eight months. I’m very excited to give the stuff to him!

Tomorrow we’re off to the school in Lusaka to do the same stuff we did today.

If anyone from the church sees this, I got a chance to see the Burch’s child as well as the Spears’ and Kirshner’s. They are all doing very well and were busy today writing them letters to send back with Kimberly.

Take care!

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