Posted by: apal1528 | 07/11/2007


(Resty, Joyce, and Joseph)

If you’ve seen the movie Blood Diamond you’ll remember one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s lines in response to anything bad happening…”TIA”- THIS IS AFRICA.

This has been our slogan for the trip. One thing everyone notices when they first arrive in Uganda is the time difference. I’m not talking about the actual ten hour time difference… I’m talking about African time and American time. You know, Americans are always fast and get out and get ’em types of people. When we want to go somewhere we get our act together and go. When we say be somewhere at 10am we expect the person to be there at 10am. Not so much here in Africa. By rule of thumb, when we say 10am (of course the Ugandans agree to 10am) we end up having to wait for at least two hours.

(The alleyway behind the Church)

So, when the well drillers say they’ll be to Rwenjiri by Sunday, they actually mean Wednesday, and once Wednesday (Today) comes around they actually mean some other day.

So this is the state of things. The well drillers are late.

On the brighter side of things, we went to a school in Lusaka today. The children were exceedingly cute. We gave out books again and of course they sang and clapped for us. One class, the baby class of four and five year olds, stuck out to me the most. They sang this song about how they love Jesus- it even had solo parts and a little dance at the end.

I’ve been taking a ton of pictures. I’m so excited to show everyone- too bad it takes about fifteen minutes to upload one picture. I’ve taken upwards of 800 pictures so far and still have four gigs of space left on my cards. My new camera was well worth the investment.

The weather here in Kampala has been rather nice lately. Unfortuantley it isn’t the weather that’s hindering the well drilling. But apart from that we’ve been enjoying it. I even got a tan- or so I thought. Just a few minutes ago I was surprised to find out that my tan was actually dirt! Not just any dirt, but the dirt that lands on you and sticks, even if you take showers. Uck. I had to scrub my arm for about a minute before the dirt finally started coming off. I’m definitley taking a much longer shower tonight.

Ok, have to go now. We’re about to go see a movie here at Garden City- the Belle Square of Kampala.


  1. Andrew,I am praying the well drillers show up on Friday. You guys have tons of people praying for you back home. I hope all is well.John Jenks

  2. Byond the obvious, that we all are praying for you, I really enjoy reading the “continuing adventures of tia andrew” Keep up the good work. Tim R.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time. I’m so glad you are able to update your blog and keep us posted. We think about you all the time and pray for you daily. Love you lots… – Mom and Dad

  4. im excited to be updated on your experiences! and of course i can’t wait to talk further about it when you come back! Make the most of the precious time your spending there, God will do awesome things!God Bless you fully brotha!!~Mia

  5. This is so amazing to hear about. I hope the well gets built soon and things go well with it. I’ll be praying for you guys!~Kyann

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