Posted by: apal1528 | 03/07/2009

The First Few Weeks

This is us at the Ice Festival a few weeks ago in Harbin. The white guy is Jamie, behind us is his roommate Ren Shunan, and then my new roommate Qu Sheng. I was wearing three pairs of socks, three layers of pants, five tshirts and two jackets. It was so cold, but I was nice and warm.

These last few weeks have been really awesome.

I’ve really got into the swing of things and school is going really well. It’s been really hard, I’ve counted I’ve increased my theoretical vocabulary by about 400 new words in the last three weeks, just trying hard to get them into my practical vocabulary 🙂

Lately I’ve been slowly realizing the fruits of all my labor for the last two and a half years, and it’s really really blowing me away. Even when I’m not trying to pay attention to people on the street I can understand the bits of conversation that I hear as they pass. I can understand the majority of billboards and the names of shops along the side of the road. I can read and understand the basic meaning of a newspaper article and can read most all of the headlines. What’s even cooler though is that I went to a registered church last Sunday and actually understood 70 percent of what the pastor was talking about.

I’m really stoked that we’re only three weeks into my second and last semester here in Harbin and I’m enjoying this progress, I still have thirteen weeks to go!

I gave my turtles back to the pet shop… they were starting to get annoyingly loud in the mornings. They got quite a bit bigger while I was on break so their shells are louder when the bang on the glass. Plus, as we all know, the bigger one gets the bigger the presents one leaves a few hours after eating, I mean they were kinda cute when the turtles were little, but it was getting filthy. The tank was getting really dirty and with my schedule I didn’t have time to look after them properly. They’re enjoying a better life where they are now 😦

The other night at our Sunday get together we made spaghetti… Jamie decided to eat it with chopsticks….

This is hilarious.

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