Posted by: apal1528 | 04/07/2009

Back in Sanya

So I’m back. And it’s amazing.

I’m here with 4 friends, Jamie, Jessica, Conor, and Hanna (a.k.a raging fire)…. we had a little bit of a hassle getting here though. First we wanted to go to Tibet, but after we had planned it all out and arranged everything with the tour company, they said the government wouldn’t allow us to go because the climate was bad. We were really mad.

Thankfully my mom had just sent me homemade cookies for my birthday, so we comforted our toward-communist anger and decided going to Sanya was the only sensible option. We bought our tickets and after midterms we were itching for freedom.

First thing upon arriving at the airport…

The taxi driver takes a pothole going a little too fast, we hear metal on pavement, next thing we know I’m out there trying to leverage the exhaust pipe back into place from the back while the driver uses a freshly picked bamboo pole to guide it back into the manifold. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, almost as if he’d done this before.

Being in Sanya we’ve just been relaxing and hanging on the beach non-stop. Such a good feeling after studying so much!

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