Posted by: apal1528 | 04/15/2009

Return from Earthly Paradise

We returned on Sunday from a really fantastic week. We had a ton of fun.

We met some really cool people from Sichuan – probably one of the week’s most interesting happenings – they were loaded. They took us out to eat a few times and just threw the 100 yuan bills around like they were nothing. It was cool, and we had the chance to give back a little – we took them out to a really nice spa/hot spring place.

Other than laying on the beach all we did was eat spicy Sichuan food, play mahjong, play cards and sleep in. We had so much fun.

Here are some picture highlights…

The standing dog, cute though unaptly nicknamed Hotpot…

Another dog down the alley from our hostel…

Now back to real life.

Tests are over, spring break come and gone, you’d think the last stretch of the year long Chinese extravaganza would be the best, but to be honest, it’s been hard so far.

Teachers are taking the liberty of assuming we can handle more work at a faster pace, but all I really want is to relax and go back to Hainan. I’m finding it hard to find motivation, once again, to really put all I have into studying. I really want to just hang out with Chinese friends and have a good time.

I’m missing home now, but more and more I feel like I’m not ever going to be satisfied with a new place or a new situation, a new travel destination, new anything. I have the disease of incontentedness… if thats a word. I’m discovering first hand that only something out of this world can satisfy the desire for adventure and enduring peace within.

With that said, I am actually having a ridiculously fantastic time here in China, I just get philosophical when I get a bit down and tend to blog more when feeling that way. I trust it’s only a funk that Jesus, time, and new  grammar structures can heal.

Man, I’m going to miss this place too much.  What a lesson this is though, and perhaps early in life too, I need to stop and savor every moment that I have here.

I mean, who doesn’t want to see this everyday?

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