Posted by: apal1528 | 06/09/2009


It’s not over!

I got out of school on the first, then I went to Sichuan, but I’m in Beijing now and I’m going to Tibet on the 13th!

Chengdu, for the fourth time, was even better than before. I was running low on cash so I did it, yes, I rode for 24 hours by train from Beijing on a hard seat. It was definitely an experience. Usually I ride hard sleepers, which are really nice, but they’re usually around 40 or 50 dollars more, which in China is quite a lot of money. I was rather thankful, a classmate from Harbin was feeling spontaneous so she joined me to keep me company.

The week was more than just a vacation. I’ve been to Chengdu four times now, but I feel like the one of the best ways to travel is to really get to know a city. Chengdu is like a giant clock, it’s completely flat and is very well organized, three ring-roads around a central square with straight streets through the center. We rented bicycles and back and forth the city’s numerous parks and teahouses- we rode bikes, ate hot pot, drank tea and played mahjong almost straight for three days. It was spectacularly relaxing and fun. I really like Chengdu and I really want to live there someday.

A Pagoda.

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