Posted by: apal1528 | 09/29/2009

Sichuan Cuisine – Hot Pot

Hot pot (know as huoguo in Chinese) is a non-lethal blend of pepper oils and spicy peppercorns and is the specialty meal of Sichuan province… the capital of which happens to be the location of the study abroad program to China this spring.

The meal is centered around a boiling pot of spicy deliciousness, as can be seen below.Hot Pot Before eating, a variety of raw meats and vegetables are carefully selected. Be sure to go with a Chinese-speaking friend as the last time I went with just an American friend we ended up ordering cow stomach, duck blood jelly and pig brains… more American-friendly orders include tofu, lettuce, cabbage, fish, shaved lamb, beef and pork, also a variety of mushrooms.

The server brings out the pot and sets it on the center of the table and turns on the fire. The pot has a ton of different things put in there; ginger, tomatoes, mushrooms and whole fish – all just to make the broth itself.

Then they bring out your meats and vegetables. You let them boil for a few minures until you pick out what you want then dip it in this peanut oil mixture. It sounds kinda gross, but you add cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. It’s so good. But honestly, very spicy. The only way to get rid of the hot, or at least to put it down for a while, is to drink soy milk. In my experience, hot pot isn’t necessarily a meal from which you’ll get full on. The purpose, as far as I can tell, is to spend time with family or friends. You eat slow and enjoy the conversation.

Get excited.

Here’s a video I took in Chengdu… the fish were alive before they went to their spicy doom…


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