Posted by: apal1528 | 10/19/2009

I’d like to go back

I’m trying to go back to China in January. The college of business at WSU is doing a semester long program at 西南财经大学 and I really want to go. My Chinese will be fantastic after I get back.

The only problem is the money. What to do?

I just want to be back here..


I don’t think the promotion to PIC is going to work out.

It’s ok. It just gives me more time to learn what I need to learn so I can be a better candidate next time.

Elson S. Floyd came through my line on Saturday. He’s the president of the university. I mentioned how I study Chinese in a shameless attempt to make sure our funding isn’t cut like it was with the German program. I also told him I studied Chinese in China last year on a full ride from Boeing and he said he was proud of me. It was cool.

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