Posted by: apal1528 | 12/01/2009

Star Wars?

I’ve always wished I could live in Star Wars. My desire was satiated, a bit, a few weeks ago when I went to New York to spend the weekend with my dad while he was on business.

On top of the Empire State Building at night I felt like I was atop the Jedi Temple looking down upon Coruscant at night. It was rich.

Some other pix (these have nothing to do with Star Wars)

By the way, I love the new Star Trek.


  1. Your dreams have been heard I have been watching you from some time now. It is unfortunate that you find the need to go to China for the dark side looms its heavy cloud over that country and I find it impossible to follow you without becoming detected by the forces of evil. I am not dead naive watcher, I am not dead. Good luck on your travels and study much. The intelligence you aquire will only be spinning a small but important cog in a larger plan.

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