Posted by: apal1528 | 01/28/2010

Beijing has Three Airports

The weather has been spectacular in Beijing! It’s clear, cold and sunny.

My friend, Crissa and I were made very aware of the airport situation in Beijing. It has three. Not one. Three. I arrived at 8:10 pm on Wednesday to find myself stranded in an airport with no phone, no internet, an overdrawn bank account card, no friends and a ton of luggage.

I found an ATM and was happy to be able to withdraw just  a little money so I could go to a ridiculously overpriced internet bar in the airport. I checked to see if there was any correspondence from my absent picker-upper, but to no avail proceeded to leave the airport in search of a hostel.

In the nick of time though, just seconds before walking out the big sliding doors and practically destroying any further chance of meeting up with Crissa, I see her pop out of the crowd and run over to me. After expressing frustration over the fact that she’d had to travel to all three airports in Beijing, we were dually relieved and happy to have ran into each other.

We headed back to her place and I crashed, hard. I went to sleep. It was good.


  1. Hey Andrew, Looks like you’re back in Beijing. My plan is to get there around Feb 23rd, can you take me under your wing? Give me an email or something when you get a chance.

    425 765 2507

  2. long time know see, glad see your activity here, I thought you were lost.

    • Hu Yueqi!! It’s been a long time… thanks for reading my blog.. how are you? Are you still in Pullman this fall?

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