Posted by: apal1528 | 02/03/2010

Heading South

Tonight I’m headed to Chengdu with my buddy Will Leadingham. He’s on his two month break from the same immersion program I did in Harbin last year. It should be fun. The train will take around 30 hours and the train should be packed. It’s almost Chinese New Year so EVERYBODY and their cousin (because people in China don’t have brothers… or sisters for that matter) is trying to get to their hometown. Oh, and did I mention we have to take hard seats? Yeah, all the sleepers were booked. So it’ll be fun, they also sell standing tickets, and the standing area happens to be in the aisle of our hard seat cars. It’s gonna be like sardines in a tin can moving at an average of 4o miles an hour for 3o hours.

I’m super excited to get to Chengdu though, spicy food, milder weather. It’ll be great.

Until Chengdu!


  1. haha–nothing you’ve not done before. 🙂

    btw, love the “everybody and their cousin” comment. I just explained it to some people sitting around me.

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