Posted by: apal1528 | 03/15/2010

Week Three

It’s been an awesome three weeks!

We’re all pretty well settled in to our dorms, classes are under way and we’ve got a really sweet rhythm going. I thought I’d write a bit about what we’ve been doing and what life is like here at SWUFE.

The dorms are good. There’s two women who live on the first floor who act as security guards, it’s pretty nice to say hi to them every time we come and go. In Chinese there’s a word that means Auntie, spelled Ayi and pronounced Ah-yee… we call them that. There’s two of us to a room and each room has a bathroom. The floors are stone so it makes it easy to sweep. There’s no heat or air conditioning so it’s been a bit cold in the rooms, but they gave us extra blankets so it’s been fine.

Here are some pictures.

The entrance.

The bathroom, yes it’s a squat toilet. But before you cringe, or perhaps while you cringe, click on this link and take a look at this very informative website.

This is my side of the room. It isn’t very organized.

The campus is really nice. It was all built in 2005 and it’s very clean and attractive. It’s pretty big, so bikes are a necessity to get around. We bought ours for ¥200, which is about $34.

This is the library. It’s nothing like Holland in Pullman, but it’s good for studying… but it doesn’t help that everything’s in Chinese.

There’s a cafeteria. You can get away with $1 for a good meal. It’s not spectacular though. It’s the cheapest and it’s edible.

There’s also a supermarket on campus for the necessities. Bottled water, cup-o-noodles and snack foods are all easily accessible.

The best place for good cheap food though is outside the east gate. There’s an overwhelming amount of little restaurants and stand with really good food. For about $2-3 you can get dumplings, noodles, stir fry, barbeque… so much food.

The east gate.

The entrance to the market.

It goes a long way.


Our favorite place right now is actually this Northeastern diner. They have some really authentic and delicious food from northern China. They have really good dumplings and fried pork. We’ve gone there about four or five times now and they’re the nicest people, the owner’s wife always bothers us about not eating enough.

The owner.

His wife rolling dumplings.

The guys and the owner.

Fried pork. The authentic version of orange chicken.

Kid with a cleaver.

Classes have been good. We have quite a full load, myself and two others are taking five classes, but we have been three and nine hours of class a day. We get Fridays off though, which makes it worth the extra work.

We’ve made use of the schools rec center and track. They have basketball, tennis, and badminton courts. They also have a legit rec center with indoor basketball and a weight room.

We’ve done a bit of working out since we got here, it’s been nice. It’s only about $10 for a card to get 15 visits to the weight room. The only thing is that it opens at 2pm so you have to go in the evening.

So that’s the state of things here in Chengdu. We’re actually a little ways outside Chengdu, take a look at this map and you can see where we are in relation to the greater metro area. It takes about 40 minutes to an hour to get into the city, but thankfully there’s a school owned bus that goes about every 15 minutes for only about 75 cents.

I hope this was a good look at what it’s like here in Chengdu, there will of course be more blogs in the future.


  1. Andrew, I have been following your blog with much interest. Thanks for taking the time. I loved the train footage. Looks like you are settling in and happy. You have probably heard we are having early spring.

    • Thanks JoAnna, sorry for the late reply and the lack of recent posts… hope you can still find enjoyment from my posts here in the states. Wanna do lunch sometime?

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