Posted by: apal1528 | 09/09/2010

Andrew’s Dig: China in Pictures

–This is a strikingly realistic look at the harms of unbridled capitalism in China. Pollution is everywhere there. Lacking any functioning environmental regulatory agencies, whole villages and cities in China are literally toxic dumps.  (China Hush)

–A historical look at the last of the Chinese dynasties. (China Expat)

–BBC Country profile, China. (BBC News)

–Japan has been the Asian GDP leader since the ’60s, but China is now the second largest economy behind the United States! Though China has surpassed Japan in quarterly figures in the past, this year seems to be the end of Japan’s reign. (Aljazeera)

–Chinese school bans certain hairstyles, including the ‘Japanese gangster pirate hairstyle’. (China Hush)

–Hanna blogs about China. (Tumblr)

Image: China Hush

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