Posted by: apal1528 | 12/12/2010

Andrew’s Dig: Busts, Booms, and the Sopranos of China

— The world’s tallest building is having some trouble finding tenants. If you’d rather live in Dubai, they’re lowering rent significantly. Check it out.  (Times via Yahoo)

Bo Xilai crushes the mafia lords of Chongqing. (Youtube)

–“The 121-story Shanghai Tower is more than China‘s next record-setting building: It’s an economic lifeline for the elite club of skyscraper builders” I guess I should have studied architecture…. (YahooNews)

Beijing to Shanghai in 4 hours. That’s just under 100km less than the distance from Chicago to New York. (

— Wu-where? Wuhan breaks ground on world’s third highest tower. (

Image: Charles Times; Crowell / Bloomberg / Getty Images


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