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Being back from China I have nothing new and interesting to blog about… who wants to read a blog about Pullman, WA anyways? School, blizzard, school, drunk people yelling, school, more snow, etc. Borrrrring.

So I’ve decided to retroblog again. This time about Tibet. From 2009. Instead of actually typing up what I journaled about while I was there I think I’ll just post a bunch of pictures and add a little commentary. Now that I think about it, at the time I didn’t really have much to say about Tibet– I guess I was in sort of a sensory overload.. with all the controversy I guess Tibet is just something you have to see and feel.

One of the interesting/frustrating parts of seeing Tibet (that I can competently comment on) was seeing the reactions of the Han Chinese tourists to Tibet. This woman was one of our bunkmates on the 48 hour ride from Beijing to Lhasa. She insisted the Chinese government had saved the Tibetan people from that tyrannical baby-eating monster the Dalai Lama in 1950 and that Tibetans need to be thankful for Beijing’s investments in roads and schools in Tibet. Her back was sore after sleeping the first night so she made a big fuss and attempted to use an empty pickled veggie jar to give herself a cupping massage.

Who was there to give these Tibetan guys massages huh?

In Lhasa outside of our hostel.

View from the Potala Palace

Worshippers washing their hands with holy water at a monastery in Lhasa.

Streets of Lhasa.

Monastery Gate.

Prayer room.



Making incense

Jamie and I with a nun

Yak at Namtso lake.

Castle at Shigatse.

Tomb stupa at Gyangtse.

Potala palace from out hostel.

Tibet was great. Our trip was pretty short– just over a week. However, I would definitely recommend two or three weeks to anyone who wants to see some cool culture and history. At the moment, the Chinese government requires any foreign visitor to have a tour guide when traveling in Tibet. We used and were very impressed. Use them if you ever go!



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    • Hey thanks for the comment… glad you like this post. It looks like you like traveling too, check out some of my other posts from China and Africa!!

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