Posted by: apal1528 | 10/03/2011

WSU Organic Farm

For the last few weeks I’ve been volunteering at the WSU Organic Farm. It’s located on a small 4-acre plot just a few minutes from campus out towards the airport. As can be seen from a few of my posts last month, I’ve been on a slight organic farming/sustainability craze. I’ve been very interested in the idea of sustainable agriculture recently and as soon as I started seeing the Organic Farm selling produce on campus I’ve had a desire to check it out. Because of my requirement with the accounting club to complete a certain number of service hours each semester, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

The entrance to the farm. Each week we have anywhere from two to six other volunteers, I’ve always gone with Ky’s roommate Ann, so I’m glad to have a friend with me.  This was only our second time going but there’s typically a wide variety of people with different motivations to volunteer. I always enjoy hearing their motivations, even if it’s just to fulfill a requirement.

These cherry tomatoes like candy. It’s hard to be picking them and not eat every other one.

Some of the other volunteers picking beans.

This is from a couple weeks ago, Ann and I picked these beans. Delicious.

Awesome colors. Something

I don’t know about others, but for me it was really an amazing experience to harvest produce. I feel like we so often go into the produce department of Safeway or Dissmores, or wherever, and take our fruits and veggies for granted. We don’t realize how amazing the biology behind our fruits and veggies are. Such a simple idea dawned on me while I was picking and eating raspberries– That such delicious fruit, with just a little help from humans, just grows out of the ground! Think about it!

The raspberries were really hard not to eat. Fortunately the farmers made sure we knew to eat the raspberries with even the slightest blemish, as to ensure the quality of produce of course.

Ann and her tomatoes.

Jasper is the team leader.


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